Our Work

Project 8


Is this your fireplace? How disappointed you must be! This antique fireplace (notice the old flue handle) has had a fresh coat of paint over many older coats of paint. The owners would have preferred an unpainted fireplace, however due to the fact that it had already been painted, that option is gone for ever. The only option was repainting and they chose a colour they could ‘live with’ and grudgingly slapped on yet another coat of paint!


Wow! Your guests won’t know it is painted unless you tell them. And they still won’t believe you! The fireplace has now become a proud highlight of the room!
Notice the highlight colour on the arch and the antique ‘smokey’ finish around the firebox opening.

How do you envision your fireplace or interior wall? Describe your vision and we will deliver the natural appearance of unpainted brick.

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