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Project 9

Underneath the blue painted veneer is a gorgeous Victorian Gothic mansion.
It was built in 1874 and has been designated an “Historical Landmark

The current (new owners) of the property sought to restore the
building back to its original charm and stately beauty.
They researched sandblasting and paint stripping to address the blue
paint, but, with costs exceeding $80K, not including having to deal
with old lead based paints, the damage from sandblasting, the extra
environmental costs, (plus the bureaucracy involved!), the property
owners were left with the only option available….repaint!

At first they believed their only choices were the “accepted” colors
“approved” by the Niagara Falls Historical Society. However, after the
owners researched the internet, they discovered The Brick
Painters.com’s option.

“Re-Paint the painted brick to an authentic, natural, Un-Painted brick appearance!”

Because re-painting was already an acceptable renovation/maintenance
procedure, and The Brick Painters.com were only re-painting already
painted brick, the process was instantly approved by the local council.

Now the property owners have exactly the appearance they want, and as an added bonus, at a small fraction of the cost of sandblasting or
paint stripping!

The property is being operated as “Blythewood Manor at Bampfield Hall Bed and Breakfast”.

Historical Documents

Click on the Document to the left, to view the “Historical Property Inventory” in PDF Format, of Bampfield Hall, including the Roll Call Number, supplied by the Historical Society.

Featured Articles

View the Niagra Falls Review article, to see how while working on “Bampfield Hall”, word went out around town that the Hall was being renovated.

“They are stripping the brick”, was the assumption. This news created interest at “The Niagara Falls Review” Newspaper. They called the owners of Brampfield Hall and made arrangements to report on and interview the owners of the Hall the next day. When the photographer and reporter arrived the next day they were flabergasted to learn that what they were witnessing was NOT Paint Stripping, but Re-Painting. As you will see in the PDF Copy of the article, the response was fabulous!

View Historical Properties inventory Document

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