Pricing & Warranty

Our prices start from $4 per square foot of wall area.

Listed below are some variables, which may affect the price of your project:

  • Arches & decorative brick work that require a second highlight colour
  • Stone sills that are painted, and which need to be faux-finished, to resemble painted stone
  • Selection of a custom colour, rather than one of our standard colours
  • The amount of preparation necessary prior to beginning our process (For example: Wire brushing or scraping of loose material, pre-washing, impediment removal, etc.)
  • Any brick repair or re-pointing that may be necessary prior to painting
  • Any scaffolding or lift access equipment that is necessary to access all areas, rather than using ladders alone

Please Note: Most of the above costs would be incurred whether re-painting with a solid/rolled application, or using The’s finish.
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At we are committed to your satisfaction and peace of mind. We stand behind our services, and offer the following Warranty on every project we complete:

All brickwork completed by is fully warrantied for labour and materials for a period of ten (10) years from the date of project completion*. uses only premium quality exterior acrylic latex paints, which also provides a lifetime warranty on their paint applied to masonry!

*Warranty is subject to other workmanship and/or building structures/fixtures meeting code and are in good working condition.

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